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Fun-Gyms, Etc.


Please Read Carefully!

Shipping Information

The floor model Fun-Gyms are too large and bulky to be shipped through feasible means, therefore they are for pick up or special delivery only. We will deliver your gym within a 200 mile radius of Alexandria, LA for a fee of $50. Example: Houston, TX; East side of Dallas, TX;
New Orleans, LA; Jackson, MS, etc...

Wholesale Available!
Please inquire about pricing and delivery as they are different from what is shown.

About Our Gyms!
Each Fun-Gym is hand made and uniquely different from each other because of the natural wood. Most of the gyms are built using crepe myrtle, white oak, sycamore, sweetgum tree, and ratan vine. They all are non toxic and have never been treated with chemicals. The bases are 3/4" melamine with laminate on both sides and are bordered with white pine. All of the floor models are removable from their base and the bases are equipped with 4 twin wheel easy roll casters. All floor models are also equipped with 2 easy twist off food and water cups and a minimum of 3 eye screws for toys.

Perch size= Large Parrots...macaws, large cockatoos, etc...
Approximately 4 1/2 feet tall
24x48 base
This was the very first 24x48 gym I built. It ended up in Baton Rouge and was on a few TV shows with some B&G's on it. That was back around 1996.

Keep your bird fit and trim, put them on a Fun-Gym!

Perch size = Large parrots... macaws, large cockatoos, etc...
Approximately 4 1/2 feet tall
24x48 base
This was a special order from a lady in Lafayette, LA for her 2 scarlet macaws. This was her first gym. She loved this one so much, she ordered another one (on 24x36 page).

Veterinarians agree... exercise is essential for all birds. Using a Fun-Gym with food and water cups located near the bottom, your bird will exercise without even knowing it.

Perch size = Small, Medium, and Large sized birds...
Approximately 4 1/2 feet tall
24x48 base
I remember I sold this gym to a really short black man in Shreveport, LA. He had a Moluccan cockatoo and a parakeet. This gym had to be removed from the base and squished into is small car :). It's funny what you remember, huh?

You know you could go home and build one, but it would probably never get done, so you may as well go ahead and buy one, so your bird can start having some FUN!!!

Fun-Gyms, Etc. by Wendy Delrie