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Dam's Pedigree
AKC Blossomtel Little Pansy
Parents Grand-Parents 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
Stardale's Traffic Stopper   Dunrovin Diamond Jim   Iney's Petit Muffinman   Myork Muffin's Masterpiece   Myork Muffin  
Meo-My Of Myork  
May blossom Of Baldmere   Dan Burke Of Baldmere  
Cherholme Contrary Mary  
Spunky Doodle   CH Shorecrest's Panache'   CH Designer's Doubloon  
Shorecrest's Templeton  
Storkies Design Doll   Designer's Dilettante  
Sans Luv-Me Star Blu Sparkle  
Stardale's Fantasy   CH Eden Valley Circuit Breaker   CH Beholda Schlemiel   CH Beholda Flyaway Jack  
Beholda Promise  
Melodyland Edie   CH Melody Lane Mini Trail  
Melodylane Alice Blue Gown  
Jo Eds Sass Purr Rilla   Joed's Little Dickens   CH Cameo's Jubilee Dicken's CD  
Moon Childs Misty Blue  
Lady XVIII   Commoddore Skyler Bigsby  
Keller's Bitsy O'Toole  
Blossomtel's Star Chaser   C-Jam's Yankee Doodle Dandy   C-Jam's Cock Of The Walk   CH Designer's Zanadu Of Mikenda   CH Designer's Diamond Dust  
Amberlyn's Goldenglow  
Jamie's Cricket   Shannon's Fearless Blue Bandit  
Jalyn's Tiffany Danielle  
CH C-Jam's Prim N' Proper   This Time Puff N' Stuff of C-Jam   CH This Time Great Tormenter  
CH Windamere Dreama  
Daisy A Day   Slapes Loro  
Slapes Bessie  
Blossomtel's Jack And Jills   Jo-Jo's Triflin Li'l Tuffy   CH Eden Valley Circuit Breaker   CH Beholda Schlemiel  
Melodylane Edie  
Paula Antoinette   CH Winterseve Whilstin' Dixie  
Fairfield's Kiss Me Kate  
Ruffles Of Falconhurst   Winterseve Mini Magis   Winterseve Lil' Toot The Tug  
Bridlebar Oil N Vinegar  
Fleming's Golden Lady Honey   Charlie's Golden Spice  
Tana My Silver Sunshine Lady